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"I recently attended a 2 day training course run by the French Baking School. I had an incredible time learning to make intricate French desserts. Alex taught me the technical skills to temper chocolate, to make French mousses in a variety of types and flavours, and also chocolate & passion fruit glaçages.


I was impressed how much we covered in the 2 days. Alex is a very talented chef and I feel he has equipped me the knowledge and confidence to make these desserts myself.

He is a very patient teacher and explained in detail how everything was made and gave interesting examples of the various ways these desserts can be made.

At the end of the course I received documentation and recipes on everything we covered. I should also mention the beautiful lunch prepared by Alex.


To acquire the skills and learn the techniques in making revered French desserts, I would definitely recommend the French Baking School."


"Great one day bread baking course, learn so much, a great experience would recommend... "


"Just attended a 1 Day Pâtisserie Course at the French Baking School, was amazed by what i had accomplished in a day, great result."

Roberta Porricelli, Pastry chef at The Organic Supermaket Rathgar

"The nicest location I ever seen in ireland, Alexandre is so clear when showing you the recipes and methods, you get the right space to use your creativity, and learn new things, in this way it's easy for beginners, to try and enjoy the patisserie course.

Everyone should try, I am pretty sure no one will regret! For me it was 2 really nice days with lots of creativity and ideas! So dont be shy book your course..."

August 2015

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Emma, 2 days Entremet course

"The French Baking School of Ireland is a place bnestled snugly by the sea down a meandering of steps, in a hidden cove where dreams can come true, or at least mine. If like me you are obsessed with beautiful pastries that represent a work of art then this is the place for you. The school offers a variety of classes thought by Charles Alexandre (Alex) including Bread Making, Macarons and Patisserie.


I attended the Patisserie 2 day course. Leading up to the course I felt incredibly excited, I had finally found somewhere that could teach me about Patisserie. It is impossible to find anywhere in Ireland offering authentic lessons in this area. Much to my relief my excitement was rewarded, the school is wonderfully presented and it becomes immediately clear the level of skill and knowledge Alex possesses. He is very organised and there is no time wasting on arrival, it is straight into baking with recipes already supplied to make notes on as you go. Alex is exceptionally patient and explains everything in fantastic detail. He doesn't just give out instructions, he also explains the logic and reasoning behind everything you are doing and how it would effect the process otherwise.


This attention to detail becomes evident in its value on the second day when he is explaining the fine art of tempering chocolate. Ironically while this was the one part of the recipe with the least ingredients (just chocolate and a thermometer) it is the one I found the most challenging. However, I feel so glad to know how to correctly temper chocolate and more importantly to have been shown by someone who understood the science of it inside out.


There were several elements to the recipe Alex showed me how to make, and as a result not only do I have a ridiculously stunning dessert sitting in my fridge (which frankly I am loathe to ruin by cutting), I have also learned several valuable techniques which I will carry with me for life. Some of recipes used in making the desert included a chocolate mouse, glacage cocoa, biscuit joconde and chantilly coconut.


For someone who gets as much joy as I do baking at home it would be so easy for this course to have made me doubt my own abilities at trying to create something so complex and stunning, but thankfully Alex is very patient, tolerant and friendly, and even when I was making the most enormous mess he is quick to reassure and instead explain as clearly as possible what you should do instead.


Now that my 2 day course is over I am slightly devastated. For 2 days I got to experience the glorious world of patisserie. I hope the French Baking School of Ireland goes on to get bigger and become even more successful. It is a baking school Ireland was in dire need of and if you enjoy baking I would definitely recommended attending one of the courses."


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